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See and Feel the difference of S2S 5-in-1 Gun Lube.


• Resists carbon buildup

• Prevents rust and corrosion

• Effortlessly removes dirt and carbon

• Leaves a polished, dry to the touch finish

• Excellent lubricant and anti-seize

• Penetrates into cracks and crevices


S2S is a premium lubricant and rust/corrosion prohibitor.  It cleans, lubricates, polar bonds, prevents rust, and reduces carbon buildup while being non-toxic and doesn't break down under stress.

Use the needle nose applicator to precisely lubricate friction areas as needed, or apply and then use a cleaning cloth to coat desired areas.  You may also want to check out the S2S Gun Wipes which feature the S2S solution permeated into a wipe for easy cleaning.  

S2S 5-in-1-Gun Lube - 15 mL Tube

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